Stinky crotch

If your balls stink, you probably heard a lot of advice to replace your underwear with more breathable fabric and all that bullshit.

In fact, it’s completely irrelevant what kind of underwear you prefer: pure cotton spacious shorts, mixed fabric tight boxer, synthetic slips, animal print thongs or something even more extreme. All modern materials and pants design allow to wick the sweat away at let you skin breath. In fact, pure cotton is the worst choice here, since it doesn’t allow the sweat to evaporate and becomes a damp hot rag – ideal environment for bacteria growth. So there is only one real requirement for underwear – it must be fresh every day. You don’t have to boilwash it to maintain freshness – no one boilwashes anything even for newborns these days so they won’t grow into allergic adults, so even here cotton has no advantage over synthetic fabric, which you can’t boil.
So what’s the root of stinky crotch then? To your surprise, it’s your dirty balls! And even if you wash daily, you’re doing it wrong. Graying pubic hair indicate you’re probably old and experienced enough to know why humans, who are bald apes, still keep hair in armpits. The sweat in armpits is very pheromone rich, and you attract sexual partners but spreading pheromones in the air around you. And hair is great in spreading stink! If you don’t believe it, ask any long-haired female friend of yours how long does it take to wash away tobacco smell after a couple hours spent in a bar. It won’t go off at once, usually the hair stops smelling only after a couple showers. Your pubic hair wicks smelly liquid all the time – your own one and that long-haired partner of yours.
This is the reason for simple washing being so inefficient – it’s just against nature call, since your crotch produces enough pheromones as well.
So the obvious first step is to take a razor, better a decent one to avoid scars, and shave off all pubic hair. Don’t forget to shave your balls by unfolding all creases.
Talking about creases. They expand surface area – and we all know since puberty how good this particular area is in expanding – and act like a
sponge, storing all the smell. So get yourself some scrub, better body scrub, but BDSM fans may stick to facial one, get some on you palm and gently wipe your balls with it. Scrub will remove dead skin, which due to porous structure is also a perfect sponge for stinky liquids. When you’re done, wash it away and use some after shave balm to sooth the skin. Don’t use oil or skin cream, since they give nutrition for new bacteria, ready to move in where you just so kindly removed old tenants. Repeat this once a week, and in the following month stinky balls will be history. And remember, a hairy and smelly male is a stereotype, it doesn’t make it you more masculine, so while you’re at it, also shave your armpits and scrub soles.

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