Get rid of stinky feet

It’s normal to have a little leg odour. The smell is caused by the same bacteria that make delicious cheese smell of dirty feet.
These bacteria make the feet skin softer and smother. However, too much bacteria cause stinky feet.

This bacteria growth often happens in spring: airtight warm shoes and exhausted immunity are perfect conditions for bacteria.
To fight stinky feet, use formaldehyde alcohol solution. Apply a little liquid on a cotton pad and wipe your smelly soles once or twice a day for a week. Be careful: formaldehyde is cancerogenic, so be sure to apply only to the soles and do not apply for longer than 7 days.

After the course, your feet will lose the old smelly skin. Wash all your old feet scrapes with formaldehyde solution or replace them, and remove the dead skin. It is also a good idea to replace all socks, hosiery and disinfect your shoes.

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