How to get all your toothpaste or cream out of the tube nice and clean

Tubes play tremendous role in our lives. Even in outer space! Spacemen have all their food packed in tubes.

But lets get down to Earth. To your bathroom. You probably have lots of tubes there. Would you like to keep them tidy and use every last drop of contents? Well, here’s how.

This little plastic guys will help you squeeze toothpaste to the last drop! And the tube looks neat and tidy.
That is especially useful if you have kids, who seem to squeeze the paste from the wrong end.
The squeezes come in various colors.
Other shapes are also available, including hearts and sexy lips. Get some. They are cheap and really worth it.
Another great tool for managing tubes is this one:

That’s a tube wringer, and it does what the name says: wringers the tube. This is especially good with metal tubes, but also works on plastic ones. I personally like the sturdy look and feel of the all-metal device. It will last for generations.
I would like to warn you against this variety. Though it may look great with the handle and suction cup, it actually isn’t. The plastic is very thin and cracks easily. It’s annoyingly hard to insert and remove tubes from it. And it just doesn’t work: the plastic tube tension unfolds it. Stay away from this junk.
Besides, suction cups leave awful marks in the bathroom. Learn how to get rid of them.

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