How to remove suction cup spots and marks from surface

If you use suction cups to hold objects on surface, you probably know that they tend to leave disgusting looking spots. This is especially true about white plastic surfaces in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Would you like to remove them? Here’s how.

The cause of the spots is bacteria. The suction cup preserves all moisture inside, creating perfect conditions for rapid bacteria growth.
So to get rid of the spot, you need to get the rid of bacteria first. Take some bleach or any over chlorine household solution, put it on the spot and leave for the time specified in the instruction, which is typically at least 20 minutes.
When you get back, the spot will be a bit whiter but still there. Now take some hydrogen peroxide, dump a cotton disk with it and stick it to the spot. Leave for some hours and repeat, until you’re satisfied with the result. In most cases, there’ll be no trace of suction cup spot left.

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