Wii U 3D support

The question the new Wii U specs leave behind is stereoscopic 3D support, and PR manager claims before the release didn’t make it any clear.

Now, when the console is finally out as well as some stereoscopic 3D titles, the question can be finally answered.
Yes, Wii U does support stereoscopic 3D output.
Don’t be too joyful though. Wii U is an incredibly weak console in terms of CPU and GPU power, so the frame rate isn’t as nearly as high as on the PS3 or even XBOX 360 for exactly the same titles. This in fact is an idiotic situation. The previous generation Wii was so weak compared to it’s competitor of the same 7-th generation – PS3 and XBOX 360, that it gained a reputation of casual gamer choice as opposite to hardcore, which forced Nintendo to urge out the first next generation console, which is currently Wii U. The problem is, this new 8-th generation Nintendo is already weaker then current 7-th generation consoles, which are 6 year old technology by now. That means, the competitor’s 8th generation console will just
nail Nintendo to the ground, a this will hurt much worse than before. No gimmicky gamepads will soothe the pain.
Talking about the gamepad. There were rumors the touch screen onboard supports stereoscopic. This is a misinterpretation. Some game manufacturers just output video to the gamepads screen in anaglyph mode, tinting the shades of the objects to different color in a special way, which require special coloured glasses to view. That means, any color screen can do it. In fact some games even offer this mode using Inficolor glasses of other consoles. So, no the gamepad screen is just plain 2D LCD screen, it doesn’t support 3D in hardware unlike Nintendo 3Ds or shutter glasses-ready 3D displays.

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