PS4 Rex Mod jailbreak hack

A viewer asked me to review yet another alleged PS4 jailbreak guide posted on Youtube.

And while I was on it, the video got removed on violation of Youtube Terms, that is, for posting a fake video. Anyway, there are almost 2000 clones of the same video, so let’s continue. They all showcase some strange procedure without even showing an actual PS4 console or the outcome of that fancy utility working for so long. But all of them have a link which you must follow to download the jailbreak software. The package differs in size from just over 2 hundred kilos to a hefty 40 megabytes package. Don’t you dare to download let alone run those executables – they are filled with viruses and malware. And if you already done that, check your computer for viruses. So this new hack resembles another fake hack which I reviewed last year. As of now, chances are there will never be a jailbreak for neither PS4 nor Xbox One. So don’t have your hopes too high and don’t be a fool to fall for fraudulent scams like this one.

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