PS4 hack by SKIDrow

The internets is being flooded with links to the alleged PS4 jailbreak by SKIDrow.

After you download the file, you find an password-protected zip archive with the alleged jailbroken firmware update and instructions how to obtain the password.

The instructions urge you to complete online surveys to get the password. So, it’s just another scam to attract traffic to the sites mentioned in the instruction, posing as the SKIDrow hacker group. Don’t be fooled.

PASSWORD FOR THE PS4UPDAT.PUP (updated 09-12-2013) We are an international Hacking Team called “SKIDROW” and we had to password protect our popular PS4 Jailbreak Custom Firmware File. because of too many leechers. Those who complete a short offer (1 minute) will be able to get the password download instantly here and jailbreak his PS4 almost instantly. Remember, you are one of the few to get this file! All of our surveys are completely FREE. THIS WILL BE THE LAST OFFER THAT YOU EVER DO IN YOUR LIFE. The following explanations show you how to complete our surveys in less than 60 seconds: For Americans: Surveys: • Get the new Apple iPad! – You only need to enter a valid Email address. • Request a FREE Car Quote & Save. • Designs your presentations automatically. Free download. • Download LightSpark Player Pro • You only need to submit a valid Email Address for the survey and confirm it. For Germans: Surveys: • Gewinnen Sie Ihre Lieblings Tablets! • Gewinne ein Tablet deiner Wahl! • You only need to submit a valid Email Address and fake information you can copy and paste from For other Nationalities: Do any survey you want and use for fake information.

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