Reckz0r PS4 hack

Someone posted a question in the comments, if the recent news about PS4 hack is for real.

My viewer asks if this is fake or real? Most probably he is asking about the alleged exploit posted by Reckz0r. This Reckz0r is well known on the scene as bullshitter. He is just a 23 y.o. jerk from Pakistan. I don’t know is an attention whore or a really fat troll, but the fact is he just copy-pastes other hackers exploits claiming them as his own work. And as there is no PS4 exploit for now, he has nothing to copy paste. He never produced any links to the hack. So relax and stay tuned to my channel. Like, share this video with your friends, and make sure you and they subscribe so you won’t miss the real PS4 hack, which I will definitely cover once it’s out.

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