PS4 jailbreak by Younger Giggly

Someone named Lisa Francisco published a PS4 jailbreak video, which is copyrighted by someone called Younger Giggly.

He has a channel of his own, which has only only upload, much like Lisa channel. Hacker Younger Giggly is so intensely anonymous, that Google only fetches his various social accounts. Modest guy, I like that. The video itself – slowly and in too much detail – gives an instruction for I think imbeciles on how to unpack, copy over to a thumbdrive and flash firmware on a PS4. I would never spend more then ten seconds on this stuff, since if you don’t know how to format thumbdrives, create folders, unpack files and do other basic stuff like that, you are obviously not prepared to do firmware updates – go do your homework and learn at least something. Anyway. To the middle of the video there is an exciting – shown in realtime – progress bar of flashing allegedly jailbroken 1.74 firmware, which suspiciously looks exactly like official 1.74 PS4 firmware. To prove that this is indeed a jailbreak, we are shown a couple downloaded PSN titles which seem to be free. So, we jailbroken our PS4 to play PSN games for free. Well, I always thought the point on jailbreak was to run homebrew and all the rest cool stuff without asking a permission from Sony, but that’s obviously not the case here. We have free PSN games, which is not bad anyway. But here’s the catch. Sony markets Playstation Plus, a paid subscription that offers serious discounts on purchases, up to 75%. And each month, all Playstation Plus subscribers can download several titles completely free. It somehow happens – by pure coincidence of cause! – that every single “free” title showcased in this jailbreak tutorial was offered as a free download for Playstation Plus subscribers at some point. Here’s Outlast for example. This is Resogun. This is Strider. And all the rest. So this jailbreak tutorial is just another attention-seeking scam. Why would they do this? Well, as the channel links section, the video description and the comments beg us to visit their blog – I think promoting that domain is the sole purpose of all this circus. Because when – or if – real PS4 jailbreak ever comes out, these scumbags will already have a promoted domain in this niche with all the valuable backlinks.

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