Some guy is showing how to extract IDPS on official PS3 firmware version 4.70.

You may know that this is the firmware where the IPDStealer method I showed on my channel was patched by Sony and doesn’t work anymore. So his tutorial suggests copying a savegame from your PS3 drive to a thumb drive, pluging it into the PC and opening PARAM.sfo file. Search it for similar succession of 16 bits. They are missing on say saves made on 4.66 firmware, but on a save from 4.70 they are present. So what exactly are these numbers? Is it really IDPS as the author claims they are? Well, open up PS3 Dev Wiki and learn, that PARAM.sfo does not contain IDPS. It contains PSID, which is an open ID. Basically, complete PS3 Console ID consists of 16 bit IDPS and 16 bit PSID, making it a 32 bit number. PSID won’t help you run pirated software. So sadly, the tutorial is fake.

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