Five Pawns e-juice review

I want to review the most exclusive e-liquid I ever tasted – Five Pawns.

Initially they only had 5 flavors, hence the name. One bottle is $27.50 which is way too expensive. The e-juice is made by an American company Five Pawns located in California, and they pose as a boutique for most exclusive electronic cigarette liquids. The e-liquids are produced in limited batches, normally not more than 270 bottles per batch. I tasted two flavors – Five Pawns mint 6 mg and cookie 12 mg. The package is weird. A paper tube box, almost like for scotch whiskey, and the e-liquid itself comes in glass bottle with a dropper. It’s obviously designed for dripping atomizers. I tasted with a Chinese Kayfun clone, so to fill it up I had to pour the liquid into a standard bottle with a metal needed. Five Pawns e-liquid is way too thick, as if pure VG. The taste is weird almost without throat hit, probably due to the lack of PG. The flavor feels very good. However in general, this e-liquid left no impression whatsoever, and I won’t go back to Five Pawns. Besides, it has a very peculiar problem – probably, it contains sugar, which caramelized and glued the parts of my atomizer so hard, I hand to boil it in water and use wrenches to unscrew. To hell with Five Pawns.

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