How to find IDPS on PS3

How to learn IDPS of your PS3?

If your console is jailbroken and you are running CFW, just open Multiman, then go to system information, and here it is – the last two lines is your IDPS. The lines have identical numbers, write down any of them. For ODE consoles, there is a special program to read IDPS. But what if you are on OFW? First, disable firewall on your Windows PC. Now find out the IP address of your PS3 console. The easiest way to find it is system information in XMB. Now make sure the console and the PC is in the same network. In my case, both the PC and the PS3 are connected to the same router over Wi-Fi. Tracing the route confirms both devices are in the same network. Now run IDPS Stealer utility. I suggest using the GUI version. Make sure you run it with administrative privileges. Press the red button, it will open a window of the command line version. Now go to Network settings of your PS3. Select Custom settings, then choose the way you connect – wired or wireless. Now use the right button to scroll to the Proxy server settings. Enable it, then enter the IP address shown by IDPS stealer. The port is normally already there, so you don’t have to enter it. Now check the connection, the test should pass OK. Now go to the far right of the XMB menu to the PSN items. Here, select What’s New. If you never been to PSN, it will ask for your age and location. As soon as you enter What’s new, IDPS stealer will close, and IDPS.bin file will appear in the same folder. Open it with a HEX editor, and here is your IDPS identical to the one I grabbed from Multiman.

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  1. click the higlighted text. anyway it is fixed in 4.70, and you can’t connect to PSN without the latest fw

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