Cheap good dripping atomizer

Unboxing! A dripping atomizer.
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Penny V2 Style, which I nicknamed penis for being so long and cheap – only 4 bucks, shipping included. It arrived pretty fast, paid for on 1st, got in the mail on 20th. Why this one? First, I like color blue, second the design is slick without those ugly cuts other atomizers have, and last but not the least – the base is wide in diameter and everything is big, as I was sick and tired on tiny parts long ago during the days I had my first rebuildable atomizer. This atomizer is so wide it actually goes beyond the dimensions of Vamo. This is mostly due to the outer cap being made of aluminum, a softer material which requires extra thickness unlike say stainless steel, to avoid bending. The base is made of that non-existent flavour of stainless steel, sold in China only. It doesn’t stick to a magnet, and I’ve seen reports of rust on other items made of similar unknown stainless steel. Well, we’ll see how this one goes. I like that the cap is secured in the base with an O-ring, rather than threading. Chinese made threads in aluminum are very prone to rearing off, so no threading is a good sign. The o-ting keeps the cap very tight, and you can simple replace the o-ring if it wears down. The central contact pin is brass. The base has three posts where you can attach at least 2, or even 4 separate coils. The posts have holes drilled through them for easier oil attachment. I always wanted those holes in posts, but never had a chance to try them out yet. The drip-tip is aluminum, but with a plastic insert. The drip-tip is specific, and no so widely available as other types. Notice the manufacturing leftovers in the hole. The device generally smells of machine oil, so wash it then boil in water with a drop of dishwashing soap. This won’t melt anything, as silicon baking forms for example withstand up to 250C degress in the oven, while the water boils at 100C. So I strongly recommend to disassemble and boil all new vaping atomizers you get. It’s a healthy habit. After 10 minutes of boiling and another wash, dry out the atomizer and let’s install a coil. Normally, dripping atomizers are covered with cotton and generally I think we see the rise the new type of porn – coil porn. But I will try to install one of those pre-wade wick with coil sold at vaping online shops. This is just for the test, as I switched to cotton long, long ago. Place the coil ends into the holes in the post. Tighten the screws and cut away excess wire. This is really convenient! Much better than just screws. By the way the screws here are philips, not those idiotic hex, which is also good. Place the ends of the wicks into the cap – they will collect liquid from the bottom. Now we got our coil installed. Drip some e-liquid, this one fits at least 5-7 drops from an ordinary, those bottle without metal needle. Let’s do some vaping. Awesome. Tasty. Throathit is nice. For a 2.2Ohm coil I switched to 10Wt. Really nice. The only part I didn’t like is the draw being too light, as this atomizers was built for two coils, so the two airholes are large, so the vapour is cold and easy. I like it hotter. So I just taped one of the air intakes, and now everything is great. I think I’ll have to find some nice cap to block the second intake. In general, it is a great device. The price is good, like two times less than most similar dripping atomizers. I recommend to purchase one even just to have a backup in case anything happens to your main atomizer. The purchase link is in the description.

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