How to open .ACT

Quite a few players and voice recorders save recorded audio to a proprietary .act format. Unfortunately, no player software known to mankind can open this format. However, there is a way to listen to your voice recorder files on the computer.

First you need to download ffmpeg codec package. It doesn’t come with a GUI, so you’ll have to use the command prompt.
Copy ffmpeg.exe and the .act files to one folder. Open it in command line and type in the following command:

ffmpeg.exe -f act -i REC001.act WAV001.wav

Where REC001 – is an existing .act filename, which you want to convert, and WAV001 – is the desired name of the .wav file, which the software will create.
Press Enter, and after ffmpeg finished conversion, you’ll get an .wav audio file which may be played in any player software or converted to .mp3.
If you need to convert a group of files, you may use a batch file

FOR /R %%G IN (*.act) DO ffmpeg.exe -f act -i %%G %%G.wav

or a Far Manager macros to bulk process them.

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