Macros install in Far 3

If you switched to the new Far Manager, you probably wonder how to enable macros from the Addons folder.

It is not straightforward. You have to import them with the following command line parameters:

Far.exe /import macro_file_name.farconfig

AltMenu.farconfig Use Alt to activate menu AltScreens.farconfig Use Alt-<digit> to switch between screens AltSearch.farconfig Use Alt for search by name AltX.farconfig Alt-X – Close Viewer&Editor, Exit FAR CtrlDel.farconfig Ctrl-Del removes selected editor block CtrlF10.farconfig Quit from editor/viewer and position to the current file Dialog.AltDown.farconfig Open combobox and history list (as Ctrl-Down pressed) Edit.Notepad.farconfig Editor: like Notepad Edit.SaveAndExit.farconfig Editor: Save File and Exit Edit.SaveFile.farconfig Editor: Save File F3.farconfig Use internal editor as viewer F9DeactivateMenu.farconfig Use F9 to deactivate main menu F9Table.farconfig Use F9 to change current table in viewer and editor Macrossssss.xls Predefined macro constants OpeningLastFile.farconfig Opening last view/edit of a file Panel.AltBS.farconfig Panel: Use Alt-BS to undo folder changes Panel.Apps.farconfig Panel: Apps – Change drive in current panel Panel.BS.farconfig Panel: Use BS to go to upper folder Panel.CtrlIns…farconfig Panel: If CtrlIns was pressed while on .. and command line is empty then copy to clipboard the path of the current folder Panel.CtrlLeft.farconfig Panel: Use Ctrl-Left to change current drive to the previous Panel.CtrlQ.farconfig Panel: Toggle quick view panel Panel.CtrlRight.farconfig Panel: Use Ctrl-Right to change current drive to the next Panel.CtrlShiftBackSlash.farconfig Panel: Activate the same folder in the passive panel as in the active panel Panel.CtrlShiftPgUpDn.farconfig Panel: Jump to the previous/next folder on the same level Panel.Del.farconfig Panel: Use Del to remove files Panel.Esc.farconfig Panel: Use Esc to toggle panels on/off Panel.JumpToSelectedFile.farconfig Panel: Navigate through selected files Panel.Lynx-mot.farconfig Panel: LYNX-style motion Panel.MouseWheelTilt.farconfig Panel: Use CtrlPgUp/CtrlPgDn via extended buttons mouse Panel.Numpad.farconfig Panel: Use numpad keys in command line Panel.SelectFromClipboard.farconfig Panel: Use Ctrl-S for select files from Clipboard Panel.SpaceToSelect.farconfig Panel: Use Space to select files ShiftBS.farconfig Converts the word before cursor using XLat function. ShiftF1.farconfig Select archive format ShiftTab.farconfig Shift-Tab = Ctrl-Shift-Tab View.CtrlUpDown.farconfig Viewer: Scroll Up/Down text in internal viewer View.NextPrevFile.farconfig Viewer: update panel position when navigating through files View.PgDn.farconfig Viewer: PgDn at the end of file works as in Far Manager 1.70 beta 4 and earlier View.ShiftInsSearch.farconfig Viewer: Use Shift-Ins to search text from clipboard in internal viewer View.Space.farconfig Viewer: Use Space for listing in the viewer (like in Outlook Express or The Bat!) WheelScreenSwitch.farconfig Use Shift-MsWheel to switch between screens” /></p>
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