How to look taller

Does it sound familiar? You bring home a long-legged babe, where she gladly removes her high heels with undisguised joy. And you are left wondering why that tall Cinderella has turned to a compact barefoot hobbit?

Well, today the optical illusion of looking taller that you actually are is available to everyone, regardless of sex or tastes in shoe fashion.

Pads like this rise your heel, making you look a couple cm higher. Gel pads are harder, and they add up even more.
Insert the pad into the shoe, and you’re done. Make sure to select a proper shoe, with high back so that your heels don’t stick out. With proper choice of shoes, you may gain up to 5 cm and more.
So, now when you have something to oppose stilettos with, you should be left with more strength to overcome that morning shock, when you you first embrace the natural beauty of the said hobbit, that is without war paint makeup, padded bra, slimming underwear and sensual deep blue contacts.

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