Youtube Under Review solution

So your video is stuck in under review status and doesn’t get monetized.

You probably already have seen quite a few possible solutions, including two of my own. My first article tells what to do if monetize button is completely gone from your upload. The other is about global Youtube bug that cannot be fixed on our end. If the bug is not that global, there is a way to get monetization on, which helps me in most cases. First you need to understand that nobody at Youtube is sitting glued to the monitor reviewing all the uploads. Most checks are automatic, dictionary-based ones. The algorithm inspects keywords in your video title, description and tags. If some family-unfriendly words are found, the monetization options is either turned off for this video forever, which I already told you about, or stucks in under review status,probably pending human intervention from a Youtube employee. So this algorithm seems to be quite buggy and hangs from time to time, making you loose those valuable views. Keeping all that in mind, the easiest way out is just to leave no ground for the algorithm to inspect you video in the first place. To do that, turn off monetization and return to the video manager. Then open two windows of the same video settings. In one of the windows, replace the title by a single digit, say 1, and remove all tags and description. Save the settings, go back to the video manager, now open video settings again and enable monetization. Since there is no words at all, the algorithm has nothing to check, and monetization should be enabled within a minute. Now open the video settings again, and copy and paste original title, description and tags that are still available in that second video options window you were smart enough to open earlier. Done. You video is monetized now. This doesn’t work all the time, but mostly it does.

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