Youtube video monetization problem

Youtube and Google and doing some weird shit lately, breaking things that were working great for years.

They call it an improvement for some reason. One of such improvements is the recent monetization issue. First, it takes hours and sometimes days to monetize a video, and all this time it will be in “Under review” status. When it is finally monetized, but you decide to change something like edit description or add a tag, the monetization status will revert back to “Under review” and you have to wait again, loosing your clicks in the process. Struggling with this issue I discovered another one. If you select Non monetized as filter in your video manager, it will show monetized videos in this list. Trying to fix that, I turned off monetization and on again for each video separately. It didn’t help. Then I tried to monetize them in bulk, which led to an error. So the only option left is to complain to Youtube using the feedback option from the help menu below. Don’t forget to select screenshot area. Personally, I think this complaint will end up where all Google/Youtube partners complaints go – a black hole…

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