Linked comments not working

Youtube is expriencing quite a few issues lately – monetization doesn’t work, analytics is bogus.

It seems yet another problem appeared – with comments this time. You see a a notification in your inbox about a new comment under of of your videos, click the link, but the comment is nowhere to be seen, even though the comment couter indicates it is there. Even All comments sections doesn’t help. There is no solution to this, but wait. Eventually, in about 24 hrs or so the comment will become visible. Another problem is that some of the comments does not show in Youtube inbox. Even if you enable email notifications, those comments that are automatically flagged as spam do not fire email notifications. And these are quite often legit comments, marked as spam for no obvious reason. Due to all of the above, I sometimes fail to answer at least some of your comments because I even don’t know about them.

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