What is PS3 firwmare spoofer

From your comments on my channel I see that few PS3 CFW users understand what a firmware spoofer really is and what purpose does it serve.

To understand that, imagine you bought a car. This is a modest car with fuel economy friendly 1.2l engine. However, a few months later, the car manufacturer releases a newer model, with exactly the same exterior, but a enforced 1.8l engine. So you just go to a chop shop and buy a 1.8l badge, and glue it over your existing 1.2l badge. You car still performs as a 1.2l, and while you certainly can fool unaware passerbys that you own a 1.8l, but opening the hood will show you don’t really have 1.8l and it is still 1.2l. PS3 spoofer is that badge. It just straps a 4.66 label over your 3.55 CFW version and that’s all it does. It does not change anything in the firmware, that’s why it will not allow to run games signed with newer keys or requiring other features from newer firmwares. I already told that in deep detail, but will repeat it again: each PlayStation 3 or 4 game, or Xbox 360 or One game is cryptographically signed by Sony or Microsoft. The console checks this key before running the game, and won’t run unsigned code. The whole idea of jalbreaking is the ability to run unsigned code, that is not approved by the device manufacturer. In the past, 3.55 fw keys were compromised and used by the hackers to sign their unsigned software to run on PS3. In the later firmware releases these compromised 3.55 keys were blacklisted. That’s is exactly why newer firmwares do not run older patched game eboots. And that is exactly why 3.55 firmware doesn’t run newer games: it just doesn’t have the newer keys, introduced in later firmware and used to sign newer games. That’s why you need to either resign, i.e. strap newer games to older 3.55 keys if that’s possible, or crack newer official firmwares having newer keys to custom firmware. So a spoofer does not allow to run newer games on older fw. So why do you need a spoofer then? The biggest advantage of using a spoofer is that it blocks accidental firmware update through XMB. The spoofer has say a 9.99 fw number, which is much higher then current ofw number, so the update does not start. Updating a CFW console online through XMB will install latest OFW and you will loose jailbreak. Software downgrade will not be possible anymore, and you will need to use a hardware flasher to downgrade your PS3 back to 3.55. This is a costly and not always successful procedure. So spoofer acts as safeguard from accidental updates to OFW – an extremely important thing, especially if your PS3 is used by family members, friends and other people that may be unaware of fw update through XMB dangers. As each game bluray comes with PS3UPDAT folder, also containing newer ofw, spoofer also protects from accidental fw updates from game discs. PSN always requires latest fw, and will not let you in unless you update online. Spoofer will help you bypass this update. However, as in case with inspection under the hood of your car, CFWs are very easily detected by Sony, so playing pirated games online on CFW console will get you banned. The question is not if you will get banned – the question is when you will get banned. Usually, bans come in massive waves, banning all abusers detected for the last 3-4 months.

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