Vamo V6 review

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Unboxing! This is a Vamo V6!

I already reviewed Vamo V5 and Vamo Mukey. Unfortunately, the latter lasted for only about a month or so, until the circuit board fried. Frankly, Vamo Box is not a very good model as it is very heavy and not too sturdy, even though it fits your hand like a glove. Don’t forget to watch the reviews, find the links below. So once again I was left without a vaping device, and had to vape the socket – using that battery less pass through which proved to be a life-saver once again. I really recommend to purchase it as rescue device for any serious vaper. It’s cheap and works pretty well. Find the review link below. It took some time to select a new device. First I wanted this one – Vstar-SR1. I really like that it has an onboard micro USB port to charge the battery without unscrewing the device. FINALLY! But the price tag at 46 USD is against my guts. And then those two new Vamo popped up. Vamo V8 – in brutal design for those 46 bucks and normal for 40. Vamo V8 circuit board is allegedly able to pump out 35 Wt. I don’t need that much, and 46 USD is too expensive, so I purchased another new Vamo V6 for 27 dollars. It set new record for fast shipping – arrived from China to my door in two weeks exactly. More unboxing! The material is stainless steel. The exterior has changed a bit – it has an engraved Vamo logo, the battery and the upper cap have a bit different shape. The problem with the negative contact spring falling out is fixed. And the firmware is newer, much improved version. Now the mod both greets and goodbyes you the same Hello instead of VAMO. It boots faster. The power output control is now Watts only, at least I didn’t find where you can change that. Generally, the control is more intuitive now. Long pressing left button still gives you the battery voltage, but the right one now gives out model number. The main screen is even more informative. It shows both watts and volts, remaining battery charge, and one more field that you can customize to show battery current, number of poofs, resistance or vaping time. New features also include semi-automatic mode, when you can just press and release the main button to make a draw, you don’t have to hold it while inhaling. Otherwise, it’s that good old Vamo. Hopefully, this will last long.

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