Mini varivolt passthrough

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I got sick and tired of waiting for a decent varivolt mod with built-in USB passthrough, and I got myself this thing.

This is a battery less varivolt passthrough.
It’s about the size of a 650 mAh Ego battery. It has a quite long non-detachable cable, with a normal USB plug on the over end. The device requires at least 1A to operate, so don’t connect it to a PC USB port, or you risk damaging the computer.
For the test we will be using a 2A USB charger, which comes with most tablets.
Get a power outlet. Plug in the power adapter. Plug in the USB passthrough, and you’re ready to vape.
When connected, the passthrough should give 3volts. Press the button several times in a row, and the led changes color, meaning the output is 3.6 now.
Some more presses, and it is 4.2Volts. And finally, after some more presses the output is 4.8V. Well, that’s that the specs says. In reality, the actual output without anything connected is about 0.2 Volts above or below.

Stress measurements:

If you give some more fast presses, the led blinks in all colors, and the button is blocked. To unblock it, press it fast again. When disconnected, the device remembers last voltage setting for a brief period of time.
Let’s do some live vaping. This atomizer has a 2 Ohm coil, so it should taste best on the 3.6 Volts setting.
There’s a lot of vapor, and it is delicious. When pressed, the button will turn off automatically in 20 seconds, but you may immediately press it again for continuous vaping.
I really like this device, given I mostly vape at home or stationed at other places with easy access to a power outlet.
If you want some mobility, you may invest in some emergency charger like this 4 18650 batteries box with USB output. With proper batteries, you may get over 10000 mAh out of this device. Just connect the passthrough to the box in your pocket, and leave only the passthrough and the atomizer
in your hand, similar to a hookah.
I don’t mind the cable at all. It is better than waving a monstrous shiny pipe filled with batteries around your face. And to charge this piece of sewer pipe, you have to unscrew the lid, remove the batteries, put them to a special expensive charger that have no other uses than charging this
batteries. And you can’t vape for several hours while the batteries are being charged. Of course you may purchase another set of batteries and roll them in your pocket during the day.
At some point the tiny circuit board inside will burn because of overheating, and you’ll have to through your expensive piece of pipe into the dumpster.
On the contrary, the passthrough+battery box system is modular, with each unit easily replaceable and costing only a fraction of an overhyped varivolt mod. The battery box can charge a phone, since it is an emergency charger in the first place. And to charge the box itself, you just plug it into a power adapter, easy and convenient, like charging a cell phone.

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  1. Where did you get the passthrough or what is it’s name. Like the fact that it has a long tube. Also cannot find the 18650 emergency power box. Googled it – nothing matches. Please advise.

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