Sexy lace mask

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Unboxing me gently… because I already know… what’s inside. A lace mask!

It should have arrived before Halloween, and I even placed the order two months prior to the event, but Paypal has blocked my payment for some reason, and then blocked my account, which was under review by their Compliance team for three weeks! Three weeks I couldn’t pay for won lots on Ebay, and almost got strikes from the sellers for non-paid items. Fucking Paypal bastards, I hate them. So, the mask arrived 2 weeks after Halloween. Well, probably we’ve got to use it on New Year carnival or something. The quality is actually quite decent – the mask is made of threads winded around some flexi skeleton. The only thing I didn’t like is the way the straps are attached – the loops are put together by a drop of glue. They will snap at the worst possible moment compromising your incognito! So you’d better sew them through before wearing, it shouldn’t take much effort, time or skill. Otherwise I’m happy with the purchase.

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