Remove Icon, created by, Name, Date and Space from Blog Posts Macro Output

I’ve revised the macro to remove created by and other useless information from Blog Posts macro output.

Now this is an elegant solution compared to the dirty hack I presented before, and thus doesn’t damage other code on page.
Insert this as a User macro from Confluence admin page.

## @noparams

AJS.toInit(function() {
 $(".blog-post-list .sub-heading").addClass("hidden");
 $(".blog-post-list:contains('No blog posts found')").addClass("hidden");

Save tha user macro and insert it from the macro menu on the page you have your Blog Post macros.
The will remove Blog Posts heading, No blog posts found., spacekey of the post, creator, date, icon and the Blog: text that appears on copy-paste and created by prefix.

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