Remove green tongue coat

So you got green tongue?

It may be caused by a lot of things, let’s cover the least scary ones. My green tongue is caused by two things. As you may know I vape. The remains of the e-liquid in the vapour get to the tongue and give it a tobacco color. To avoid that, use better atomizers and natural wicks – like cotton or bamboo. They have better performance and leave less non vaporized liquid in the vape. The second reason is I drink tea before bed. Black tea leaves colored marks not only on your cup, but also on your tongue and teeth. So how do you fight that? First, keep you tongue clean by regularly cleaning it with a special tongue cleaner. I showed it before. Second, get a better toothpaste. I’m talking 3 to 5 dollar a tube range. I personally recommend Colgate Total 12 or Blendamed 7 with built-it mounthwash. Also get yourself a decent toothbrush. I recommended a couple of them in my Oral-B review. Use the new toothpaste and the cleaner for a month. In my case, this made my green tongue turn bright pink with slight white coat, as a healthy tongue should be. However, as soon as I drank a little bit of green-colored soda, it went all green again. From the food coloring in the drink. If you see no improvements in a month, visit your dentist to remove all cavities. Or replace rotten teeth with implants, which I also presented in a comprehensive manner. If this doesn’t help, it’s time to give your doctor a call. You need to be checked for viral infections and fungi, especially if you’ve taken antibiotics recently, which cause disbacteriosis. Also check your stomach and liver. Failing liver after consumption of fat-rich food and alcohol is the common cause of coated tongue.

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