Paypal rejecting payments

I tried to pay for a purchase with my bank card.

When using the card right on the shops site, it failed saying
Card declined by issuing bank. Please try your credit card using the PayPal option above (free and no account required).

Ok, I tried another card, Visa not Mastercard this time. The result was the same error. Ok let’s try paying via PayPal. Payment also fails, this time saying:

PayPal Didn’t Approve the Payment We got the following message from PayPal when trying to place your order: The transaction cannot complete successfully. Instruct the customer to use an alternative payment method.

The money is withdrawn from my card for a brief period of time, only to return back a couple minutes later. I read online that you should try switching conversion options from PayPal to bank. This theoretically makes payments cheaper, as bank normally offer better rates than PayPal. But how was it supposed to solve my failure to pay? And it didn’t. So, both my cards, one of which I’ve been using for years to successfully pay for my eBay purchases, don’t work anymore. When I try using them, the payment fails, money return back to my bank account, and PayPal sends me a message saying they detected a risk in my payment and refuse to process it.

We have found a risk associated with your payment. Therefore, this transaction has been declined.Amount: $1,65 USD Transaction ID: 60R98434TT699894U Seller: Unfortunately, we are not able to complete this particular transaction. This decline is specific to this transaction and does not affect the use of your PayPal account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

They also remove the card from my account.

PayPal is constantly working to ensure security by checking the validity of each credit card transaction. As a result, your credit card ending in been removed from your account because of excessive verification failures. If your verification number printed on your card did not work properly, or if you were not aware of the attempted transactions, report the problem to the bank that issued your credit card.

I decided to try yet another card. Well, I went and got a pre-paid debit card, which makes it a third card from a third bank I try to pay with it. Even though PayPal successfully confirmed this card by withdrawing 1.95 USD from it, the payment to the seller was still declined. I contacted PayPal support. They sent me a templated email telling that the merchant can specify Risk settings.

Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding the issue with the payments to First and foremost, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced in this matter. I have reviewed your payment of $1.65 USD to [email protected] and I can see that this payment was refused by the seller. PayPal gives its Business and Premier members the ability to limit the payments they receive according to the cost and risk associated with the payment. If you have attempted to send a payment that was not accepted by a seller, please contact the seller to arrange a payment that meets their payment preferences. You may also want to encourage the seller to change his or her preference setting to allow your future payments to go through. Please note that you will receive an email if you send a payment that was refused due to the sellers Payment Receiving Preferences. The email will let you know the exact reason the payment was refused. My focus was resolving your concern. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and going forward, hope your issue will be resolved as soon as possible. Yours sincerely, Svetlana PayPalWe have created an order for you. Please send a manual payment using this PayPal link: It’s very simple and here is what you need to enter: From: (your e-mail address) To: [email protected] Amount: $3.54(including shipping costs $1.89) And click continue to enter your credit card and billing information. Let us know PayPal TRANSACTION ID after you have made payment so we can associate it to your order, and ship your order out.

Miraculously, the free international shipping item suddenly required payment for shipping, and that doubled the price of the item. Needless to say I don’t want the item at double price, and even this won’t fix my trouble: the payment would be still refused by Paypal. Given the skyrocketed price, I searched for alternatives, and found them on Ebay. I placed an order, and now Ebay says

We were not able to process your Paypal payment. Error code: 70266 13122

EBay owns PayPal! Does that mean they don’t accept their own payments? Moreover, I paid for another EBay purchase with PayPal just 2 days ago, with zero issues! Frustrated, I contacted PayPal support yet again. They sent me another irrelevant messages saying my payments are not rejected but pending, and the card is being removed from my account because I’m failing to enter CVC/CVV2 CSC code.

Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding your transactions. I have reviewed your account and it shows that the payments were stopped and also are under review. The review takes up to 72 hours, which then will either deny or let the payments through. The payment was stoopped due to our risk model, which has suspected some activity either with the item your trying to purchase, with the seller or with the buyer. I understand the frustration and inconvinience caused, we will inform you of the decision within 72 hours. Also your card ending xxxx has been removed automatically by our system as you have entered the wrong CVV number more than 5 times. However you can re add the card again, in order for this not to happen again, please make sure all of your card details are correct when making a payment or adding the card. You’ll find answers to any further questions in our improved Help Centre. Click “Help” at the top of any PayPal page to get started. Yours sincerely, Raya PayPal

This is utmost bullshit! First, the payments are not pending, they are rejected as the money is returned to my card. Second, there is only one place to enter those security codes, and it is when you add a card to your PayPal account. You don’t enter the card security code during checkout. Heck, it’s the reason PayPal exists in the first place: you trust this security code to PayPal only, and that’s exactly how Papal shield you from online credit card fraud. And I entered this code correctly, as PayPal was able to withdraw those 2 bucks from my account when I added the new card. So this message alone shows that PayPal support employees know NOTHING about the core functions of the product they are supposed to support! Infuriated, I just went and tried to pay with my new card right at the store’s checkout, since I didn’t try the new card there yet. Surprisingly, the payment went smooth, and I was able to place the order with free shipping and without any additional costs. I don’t know why that worked this time. But I still can’t purchase that EBay item. The money is withdrawn, and then returned to my card. Pity, I really like the EBay item now. Fucking morons. As years go by, Ebay intentionally becomes more and more distant from the end buyers, and hiring incompetent stuff is one of the sings. They even don’t hide that anymore. In this message to my yet another complaint, they openly testify that they have no clue whatsoever why their own risk system rejects my payment, despite my 6 year plus EBay and PayPal experience, hundreds of positive feedback reviews for my account and thousands for the seller’s.

Thank you for contacting PayPal. I have reviewed your account and I regret to inform you that our internal security system has continued to block this payment from being completed. We are unable to give the exact reason why our internal security system has blocked these payments. We suggested some ways to complete your payment and hope that you have tried it again. If none of our suggestions worked, please contact the seller and find another way to complete your payment. If you have any questions about our policies, please read our User Agreement. Click ‘Legal Agreements’ at the bottom of any PayPal page, and then click ‘User Agreement for PayPal Service.’ It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal. Yours sincerely, Vasyl PayPal

It’s time to replace PayPal.

And now they are blocking my account!

Why is my account access limited?
Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s):
You may be buying or selling goods or services that are regulated or prohibited by the U.S. government.
We would like to learn more about your business and/or some of your recent transactions.

PS: Error messages from PayPal:

We apologize for the problem you encountered while attempting to make a PayPal payment with your credit card. The instructions below have helped most of our customers who have encountered similar problems.
Why can’t I use my credit card?
Your credit card ending in could not be added because we were unable to verify the three- or four-digit verification number that was entered for this card. The verification number is a three- or four-digit number printed on the back of your card.
How do I fix this problem?
You’ll need to link a new credit card to your account. It’s easy. Log in to your PayPal account, and go to My money in your Profile.
If you are unable to verify your credit card five times, your card will be removed from your account.
Why does PayPal verify my credit cards?
In order to protect our customers, PayPal is constantly working to ensure the integrity of our payment network and to eliminate the threat of fraud. Verifying credit cards before they are added to a PayPal account is just one of the stringent checks we make so that none of our members will fall victim to fraud.
PayPal team

Your payment of has been reversed.
As we notified you earlier, PayPal suspended this transaction so we could review it due to a potential risk we identified. We have completed our review of this transaction. Unfortunately, we are not able to complete this particular transaction. This reversal is specific to this transaction and does not affect the use of your PayPal account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Your PayPal Account Access Has Been Restored
Our review is complete and we have restored your account.
We appreciate your patience and thank you for your help in making PayPal
the safest and most trusted online payment solution.

To keep our customers secure we regularly screen activity in the PayPal system. During a recent screening, we identified activity that may be in violation of United States regulations administered by the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). We’re committed to meeting OFAC’s regulations. One regulation is to ensure that our customers are compliant with applicable laws and regulations, including those set forth by OFAC, in their use of PayPal. To ensure that your account activity and transactions comply with current regulations, please provide the following information via email to [email protected]: • The date of birth for ‘Name Surname’ as mentioned in transaction ##################. We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and apologize for any inconvenience.

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