Easy way to give up smoking

Many people try to give up smoking, but fail and start smoking again and again. This usually happens at a party – after the first beer you immediately crave for a cigarette.
However, there’s an easy way to give up smoking, without giving up puffing.

That is electronic cigarette.
Unfortunately, electronic cigarette image has been somewhat damaged by mass media, lobbied by tobacco companies, and official medicine, sponsored by pharmaceutical companies producing nicotine bandages and other goods for quitters. Also many smokers actually tried those electronic cigarettes in malls and other places. You’ve probably seen those tiny slim devices, resembling real cigarettes in shape and color. Well, small devices just can’t produce the needed experience, and that’s why many smokers are openly disappointed by them, spreading the word to their friends.
However, electronic cigarette is a real opportunity to give up smoking, when using a proper device.

Avoid kits and gift sets. Actually, you need only three things to start electronic smoking:
a clearomizer, a battery and a e-liquid bottle. That’s all.

Let’s start with the battery. You need a battery with 510 connector. 510 just means the threading size on the tip of the battery, defining other accessories connectors. 510 is the most popular thread. Batteries also differ in capacity, ranging from 650 mAh to 1000 mAh. Do not be fooled by higher capacity: chinese manufacturers often put misleading specifications to lure the buyers, and the actual battery capacity does not exceed 900 mAh. Those tiny cigarette looking thing as malls have 150 mAh batteries at best, which is 5 times less than required.
The most important thing about the battery is that it should have an onboard mini USB charging port, making it a passthrough-battery. In this case you don’t have to invest in an additional specific charger as you may use common USB charger for you phone, player or tablet, which you probably already own. You can also charge the battery from a PC or a laptop USB port.
Plug the charger into the power outlet, attach a mini USB cable and connect the battery. The charging starts immediately, and you may also continue smoke while charging. Moreover, you friends and colleagues also have a USB port and a cable at hand, meaning you may charge your electronic cigarette wherever you go, even without bothering to take the charger with you.

The next component is the clearomizer. It consists of an atomizer, which is basically a coil heating from the battery electric current and vaporizing the liquid coming on to it, and a e-liquid tank. Clearomizers also come with a soft mouthpiece and a soft needle for refill. The plastic is thin, so it’s a good idea to wrap it in adhesive tape so clearomizer body won’t crack.

To refill a clearomizer, remove the black plug and the white silicone ring under it. Now fill a syringe with liquid, attach the needle and stick it in one of the tiny side holes. Then press on the syringe. Put of the mouthpiece, screw on the battery and you are ready to puff.
It is important to smoke the electronic cigarette right. The battery is not automatic, meaning it activates while the button is pressed. So put the cigarette into your mouth, hold the button to produce smoke, inhale, and release the button. Press the button only to make a puff.

Some people don’t like the junction between the clearomizer and the battery, and here a cone comes in handy. Just screw it on the battery, and the electronic cigarette gets much improved looks. If air doesn’t come well inside the cone because of the adhesive tape, you may drill a little hole in the cone for better air flow.

Some words about the e-juice. Electronic cigarette smoke is more like that wet smoke of a hookah, rather than dry smoke of a real cigarette. Which is expected, as electronic cigarette produces vapour from the e-liquid. The e-liquid consists of approved food additives, which are considered safe for now. E-liquids come in different strength, which is indicated in milligrams. That means, that each millilitre of the liquid – and bottles hold 20-50 ml – has 1 mg on nicotine. If you smoke lights, get 8-12 mg liquids, if you smoke full flavour then get 20-24 mg. You should gradually reduce the nicotine in the e-liquids, perfectly to zero. In this case you’ll get only delicious and harmless smoke.
A clearomizer holds 1.8 ml of e-liquid. That’s a two-day dose for an average vaper. It means, that a 20 ml bottle will last you for approximately a month.

So, to start vaping you only need a battery, a clearomizer and some e-juice. These three items should not cost over 50 bucks: 30 for the battery, 5 for one clearomizer, 10 for 20 ml of juice and 5 for the cone. If it does, that means the seller is deceiving you and you should seek another supplier.

This device produces lots of vapour. Tobacco flavoured liquids taste more like hookah, but you get used to it very quick, and common cigarette smoke starts to cause headaches. You will start to smoke even electronic ones less and less, and eventually you may give up smoking completely. And you always have your electronic cigarette to bring to bars and parties, so that you don’t return to smoking real cigarettes ever again.

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