PSBrew 0.4b Jailbreak PS4 Firmware 2.05

There is this PSBrew 0.4b Jailbreak PS4 Firmware 2.05 videos all over YouTube again.

They claim to have successfully jailbroken PS4 and are able to run Homebrew, however, won’t release any details in fear Sony will patch them, bla-bla-bla. The video description, and even navigation through parts their website is filled with URL shortener links like allows you to earn a little bit on when someone goes thorough your shortened URL by forcing an ad. They also want to like them on Facebook. However, if you sit through the video – which is just a bunch of snapshots, not even animated – you’ll notice they launch their package from some strange USB path. This path is impossible for one simple reason. PS4 has 3 USB ports: two on the front, and one on the rear. It’s marked AUX and has a fancy connector, but electronically it’s just a plain USB. I really hope there is a special kettle for those who change shape of standard connections just to make them incompatible and make a few bucks on proprietary hardware, and the list of sinners starts with Sony, who messed with incompatible connectors even back in the 90s, then of course goes Apple, and last but not the least – Microsoft. Anyway, PS4 has 3 USB connectors, so they would have been marked USB00, USB01 and USB02 or something similar to that. It’s not the case, so the video is fake. Why to they do that? To attract traffic and earn a little on YouTube views, Facebook page, ad-filled website and now even ad-filled links.

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