Pre-made coils with wick for atomizer

Unboxing! This is a pack of 50 pre-made coils with wicks.
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The price is as follows, and they arrived approximately in a month. 2.2 Ohm and 4 silica wicks. They are well made, and both silica ends and wire ends are long enough to fit virtually any atomizer. These ready-made coils are really nice for those who hate fidgeting with tiny objects if you know what I mean. However, they are offered with silica wicks only, while I’ve been vaping cotton for quite a while now, so this goes to a colleague who just can’t understand why you really have to rebuild atomizer by yourself. To avoid any unpleasant tastes, just boils the whole pack in hot water for about ten minutes. This will remove most of the grease and dirt. Leave to dry, and now you have a pack of coils that will probably last you for more than a year.

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