Sockless and no stink

There are lots of summer shoes types that are supposed to be worn sockless.

Flip-flops, sandals, or moccasins. Wearing even men’s dress shoes sockless is a hot trend now, coupled with a business suit. It is supposed to create an image of rich successful idler, while in me it brings up images of Great Depression beggars. As for women, they wear everything sockless, from ballet flats and running shoes to heels and UGGs. Personally, I keep a pair of mocassin loafers at work, so I can come in sockless in flip-flops and then just slide on the mocassins without the need to bring in socks with me. Well, sockless at work is a bit relaxed dress code, but I’m not at a Royal Reception anyway. It is a little bit upsetting that out of 60 people only 3 go sockless, all of the minorities. And yours truly. Of course I ran into the common problem eventually – the smell. Why do you need socks? Because the amount and features of fabric they are made of enables them to wick off and hold daily perspiration from your feet. Putting on a fresh pair daily helps you keep moisture out of the footwear. When wearing no socks, the footwear itself absorbs all the moisture, which makes it a perfect breeding place for bacteria – warm, damp and dark. They eat up the sweat and produce the smell. If you go barefoot say at the sea vacation, you may notice that your feet stop smelling: that is because air evaporates moisture from the skin and sunlight kills the bacteria. While dark closed wet shoes are a vacation for bacteria. However the problem can be solved real easy. The first rule is to wash your feet daily, preferably with anti-bacterial soap. You have to wash thoroughly, reaching between the toes. This is really different from how men normally not wash their feet at all, relying on those soapy straits going from the body while taking a shower. The second rule is never wear the same shoes for two consecutive days. Get a second pair, and alternate between them, allowing the other pair to dry off. If you have increased feet perspiration, using feet talc powder may be a good idea. If you have an infection, it may be a good idea to kill all bacteria on feet all together and let better bacteria grow. I showed how to do that. but please, follow everything I say or you may seriously damage your health. And the last and most effective secret. Once a week, wrap your shoes in a plastic bag and put into freezer for the night. When the temperature goes below freezing point, the moisture will crystallize and the bacteria die. Take them out in the morning, let them warm, and remove excessive fat with a tissue dipped in alcohol. Following these easy steps should help you get the smell under control.

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