How to use Firefox Portable as default browser in Windows 7

Portable software is great solution not only for those on the go. If you prefer to keep your software on a encrypted volume, if you like to just copy and paste programmes from one Windows installation to another without tedious setup and configuration tweaks, or you just need multiple installations of the same software – portable software is there for you.

Keeping your Firefox on a encrypted volume is a good option to secure your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and other sensitive information from strangers. So create a secure volume, mount it and put a copy of Firefox there.
To make Windows 7 use a portable browser as default, first download this. Unzip the file, run the program and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’ve done, your copy of Firefox Portable will be added to Windows Default Programs list. So go to Control Panel, choose Windows Default Programs, choose Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition and click Set this program as default. You’re done. Enjoy your portable browser!

Sometimes, desktop shortcuts of programs from unmounted drives fail to display properly. Follow this to resolve icon cache problem.

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