How to turn off mouse sidebuttons

Some computer mice have those extra 4 and 5 (back and forward) buttons located on the side, and you seem to accidentally click them every time you move the mouse. This is annoying and frustrating.

You may try to diable those buttons in the mouse driver, if that is supported. Logitech Setpoint software allows the user to reconfigure back and forward mouse buttons.

However, not every manufacturer supplies their products with customizable mouse drivers, and even if they do – the driver is another software constantly running in the background. That is a potential decrease in perfomance and battery life.
It may be a lot easier to disable extra buttons in the hardware.
Open up your mouse. Be careful not to break any tiny plastic joints, if the mouse case has them.

Locate the side buttons cable and disconnect it.

If the device manufacturer was too cheap to add a connector and just soldered the cable to the board, just cut the wire and isolate it with tape. Don’t worry: if you haven’t used the side buttons till now, you probably never will.

Reassemble the mouse and enjoy added comfort.

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