How to remove Panasonic DECT phone pin-codes

If you don’t know or forgot pin codes to the base and handset of a Panasonic dect cordless phone, here’s how to unblock it

First, try the factory default pin code, which is 0000 for both the base and the handheld unit.
Panasonic Dect Handheld Menu
If that doesn’t help, you must have the handset and the base paired to proceed. If not paired and you don’t know the codes, register with *7000. Please note, that the * symbol won’t be displayed.
To remove the handset code, go to Menu – Base settings, and enter *7000. Press Right and then Right again. The pincode in now 0000.
Go to Menu – Setting handset -> Other option -> Change Hset PIN, and enter *7000 as the old pin. Now enter and verify the desired new pin.
To remove the base code, go to Menu – Base setting and enter 0. Then enter *7000 and press Right. The display shows ——-. Press Right again. The base pin code is now 0000.

This was tested on kx-tcd705 and should work on other Panasonic dect phones.
If the above instructions failed, you may always use a hardware firmware flasher. The pincodes are stored clear text.

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