Moskit push knife

This is Moskit, which stands for Mosquito in Russian. It is a utility push knife, featuring lightweight skeleton design and some multitool options. Made of chromium-molibdenium-vanadium steel, it sports beautiful greyish bluing, 58 HRC/HRS and weights only 45 grams.

Why did they put the bat and globe logo remains a mystery. It looks somewhat similar to the Russian 911 rescue service, so perhaps that’s just a marketing bait.
The handle fits perfectly and feels great.
The blade is really sharp, with a serrated tip. The bigger hole is for a strap, and the smaller is to hold wires. This is to extract nails and remove PVC insulation from cables. Next to it is a philips screwdriver. Plain screwdriver is on the over side, next to the wire bending slot.
This is not saw, I guess that’s a thumb rest. The center opening is a variable nut wrench, combined with bottle opener.
The knife comes with an optional leather sheath, with both vertical and horizontal belt attachment. Even though it has a plastic inlay, you should be careful to holster the knife in the right direction, or the blade may tear the pouch threading.
The knife is quite small, and though the total length may be compared to a Leatherman, the Moskit is way thinner and lighter. This one is in service for over 10 year now, and it perfectly accomplishes most tasks you would expect from an everyday carry EDC knife, without adding much bulk to your belt or pocket.

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