How much a website or video channel earns

Some argue that running a site in the internet can bring you enormous profit. For big sites employing lots of people, like YouTube or Facebook, this is definitely true.

But let’s look at an ordinary webmaster, managing a site by himself. We also will omit some shady tricks like purchasing views and trading links. And not because such techniques are unfair or whatever, in fact they are product of search engines idiotic algorithms to rank websites in the search results. The problem is a site that partake in that shady business, will be banned sooner or later, and will cease to generate profit at all. Meaning all your effort was in vain.
So, the main source of income for an average site is advertising partnership programme, mostly with Google, and to a lesser extent with Bing or a local search engine, if it’s popular enough in the given country.
The majority of sites worldwide are members of Google AdSense advertising program, so let’s give it a closer look.
Google mostly pays per click. That means that a visitor to your site must not only see the ad, but also show interest by clicking it. Earnings per click vary, but it is safe to say they range from 20 to 40 cents on average. YouTube ads produce even less and normally range between 4 and 8 cents per click. Statistically, ads are clicked by something like 2 or 3 percent of your total visitors. That means that every thousand of unique views will bring you around a dollar and a half.
Fair promotion to get a thousand views a day will require at least half a year of daily long hours, with sleep your only rest. And all this time you will have to constantly create unique, fresh, original and interesting content – that is writing posts and articles, shooting photos and videos.
That’s not all. Google minimum payout is 100 dollars. That means, your account must earn at least 100 dollars for you to get a payment. That means, that if you want to get paid every month, your site must earn more than 3.5 dollars a day. And that is over 3 thousand of unique views per day, every day. And you only will get a mere 100 dollars for that, out of which you have to shell out at least 2 dollars for hosting and more than a dollar for a domain name each month. And of course you’ll have to pay your internet and electricity bills and also buy some remedy to treat your thriving hemorrhoid.
In practice, the absolute maximum a solitary webmaster can earn is 700 bucks, and that will be reduced even less by taxes. To earn that, you’ll be working 24 hours a day, without day-off, weekends, sick leaves or any other paid leaves. You’re the boss.
Well, aspiring blogger shouldn’t think about all this too much, since by all odds it will take him a year to get his first payment of only 100 dollars. So, who is making big buck on all this stuff? Well, the obvious answer is Google does. But even more than you may think of. The thing is, Google gets money from advertisers before the campaign has started. And while you’re blogging your ass off to get the first payment, Google is investing and reinvesting the money you already nominally earned. Most banks offer a service called cash management to their corporate clients. That is essentially taking every free penny on the accounts to a whirlwind of short-termed deposits, REPO trades and that kind of stuff with modest profit in percents, but massive in currency when your dealing with huge volumes, which Google certainly does.
So that’s how you make real money on the internet.
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