Easy PS2 convert to PKG

It turns out a newer GUI version exists of the same CMD utility I showed in the previous post.

The result of using both versions are exactly the same – you will get an installable pkg and EXDATA folder with a licence for it. So if you made yourself familiar with the CMD utility, you don’t really need this new one. But since most people can only use GUI programs, PKG conversion is now available for them also. First, download PS2 Classics GUI version 2.0 or higher, unpack it and run. Go to Options where select PKG as program output. You may also check the boxes to add conversion command to right-button context menu. Put game covers to the PS2_Covers folder. The smaller image is for the menu icon, and the bigger image is for the background when you select the title. Go to Encrypt tab. Here choose a game ISO image and all the rest parameters, as I already showed in my first post about PS2 Classics. The only difference is that in the end of the process you get a pkg you have to install and a licence file you have to register with reactpsn. I also told about this in more detail in one of the previous posts. If you already converted all your ISO images to iso.bin.enc, you may also create pkgs from them by clicking MAKE PKG tab. Personally, I prefer the initial way to run PS2 titles, with placeholder and a manager to select active game. Similar to using multiman for other backups. Here’s the reasons behind my skepticism. First, to create pkgs you need a computer. Next, you have to use reactpsn each time you add a new PS2 title. Third, you have to deal with memory cards. Last, XMB will have a lot of icons, one for a game, and I don’t like crowded desktops. So from my point of view, it is easier to use placeholder and manager, and convert PS2 titles on the console itself, rather than all that additional dances around the computer. But you may like the opposite, and prefer many icons in your XMB, each of them launching its own title.

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