Reboot over RDP

Remote desktop… invented to make your life easier, so you could spend as little time in the office as possible.

In reality, you spend whole day complete with overtime in the office, then rush home only to connect to your desktop remotely and continue working. It only seems that modern technologies by increasing speed of information processing, eased the life of employees, and how they just float around the open space with happy faces. Back in the 1970’s, you requested the data you needed from the archive, and did nothing until it arrived, since you needed that data to complete your work. Nowadays, you get the information instantly, so you always have work to do, and it keeps piling and piling up. Yeah, computerisation is great. Anyway, if you use Microsoft’s RDP, you probably noticed that the start menu lacks reboot and shutdown options, and sometimes you need to reboot a remote computer. Of course you can always enter a console command, but there is an easier way. Connect to the remote computer and press Ctrl-Alt and not Del as usual, but rather End. The remote session will display a familiar lock screen, which has a power icon in the right bottom corner. Use it to shutdown or reboot a remote PC via RDP.

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