?COLLCC= in address

Sometimes links to your site may get really weird COLLCC trailing codes with some numbers, which may disrupt normal site operation.

However, the reason for this lies outside your application.

The first thing you need to check is the nameservers settings at your domain registrar. If they are messed up, delete all of them leaving only one, or two if the registrar explicitly requires that.
Now, go to your DNS service provider and check the dns zone settings for your domain.

If you have an A record with an numeric IP address for the @ setting, that means a redirect check for your site should give you a direct link.
However, if you use a 301 redirect instead as the address setting, the redirect check produces a 302 redirect with the trailing COLLCC as the location.

If this is your case, then get a proper setup of the domain zone through an A record, and then use .htaccess file on your server to make any needed 301 redirects.
Allow enough time for the settings to propagate. If the 301 redirects inside the file have no affect, contact your hosting provider. Perhaps their webserver server is misconfigured.

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