Homebrew to bottles

Homemade beer, kvass and other fermented drinks require removing of the yeast residue before drinking.

You may filter it with a cotton cloth ina funnel. However, in this case the drink will loose its cloudy texture – the very thing homebrew is favoured over corporate stuff in the first place.
To preserve the taste, you will need a hose. You may get a sterile PVC line from an intravenous dropper kit available in drug stores.
Put the homebrew tank above the bottles. Submerge one side of the hose in the liquid, and put the other into you mouth. Now quickly suck in all the air and place the tip into the bottle. The drink will start flowing into the bottle.
A standard IV line has a speed of approximately 6 minutes a litre. The 2 litre soda bottle is full in 13 minutes. All the unwanted stuff is left in the tank.
If the lower tip is raised above the tank, the liquid will stop flowing. To fill another bottle, restart the flow.

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