Best electronic cigarette set

I’ve been asked quite a few times what is the best electronic cigarette for a newbie?

Shop list:
Vamo V5
Vamo Mukey
UK Tobacco

What battery mod should you buy, which atomizer, and what batteries, chargers and other accessories do you have to own to enjoy first class vaping? This video will give you an idea of a well-balanced set to start vaping right away. Please note, every item I suggest is what I personally use for quite a while. You may find detailed reviews on my channel. You will also find direct purchase links in the video description. So, an electronic cigarette has two main parts – battery unit, which provides power, and atomizer, which creates vapour out of e-liquid, which looks like smoke. As a battery variwatt mod, I recommend Vamo V5, Vamo V6 or higher. I don’t recommend Vamo Mukey, as it is too fragile. See links in the description. The next important thing is an atomizer. I recommend Chinese clone of Russian designed Kaifun. Stores offer various copies, you need a very specific one, which works best, so make sure you follow the link in the description. Now we need rechargeable batteries. Please avoid bundles which include batteries and a charger – both will be of a very low quality. I recommend Sanyo 18650 2600Mah batteries. Genuine batteries can be acquired by following the link below. The batteries are sold in pairs, which is convenient – you recharge one while vaping the other. Please note that due to safety restrictions, lithium batteries can only be shipped via certain methods, and normally require extra shipping fee. You also need a charger. I recommend a single channel Ultrafire charger. It the best quality for the money. So, now we have the device. We will also need consumables. Get a 50 pack of pre-made replaceable coils with wicks. Kaifun works best around 2 ohms, 4 wicks. At a recommended replacement rate of once in two weeks, a 50-pack should last you a couple years. The only thing left is the e-liquid to fill the atomizer. Invest in a couple of bottles with metal needle tip – a convenient way to fill Kayfun. Here, pay for you order. Order the liquid itself separately. Liquids may be stopped at customs and returned to the seller. If you put them with the main order, you will lose all of your purchases. So it’s safer to ship e-liquids in a separate package. PayPal is also required to pay for liquids. I personally like Donhill made by Dekang. This should kill that cigarette craving. There are also plenty of other tastes, I like tobacco ones, but you may find practically any flavour you want. So go for it! Links are in the description.

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