Asus Tablet Case

I ordered for my Asus tablet a leather case which claims to be ultra thin. It took a while to arrive, and while it was in transit I had to protect the device from dirt with the transportation film the device is wrapped in on purchase. The looks were awful.

So, the case finally arrived so lets unpack it. It is really very thin and simultaneously quite hard. It has a pleasantly soft surface and the lid has magnetic holders and can be folded to form an angle.Lets try putting it on. And here comes the first peculiarity – the case covers the connector, which is a good thing from dust protection point of view, but may be a nuisance if you like to charge your devices without opening the case. The skin also has a hard frame, and you can use it to hold the handmade screen protector I was talking about in one of my previous posts. To do it, take a clear paper folder or any other hard yet clear enough film
and cut it to fit the screen size. Now insert it between the device and the case. The frame with securely hold the protector in place so you don’t have to use any adhesive. A screen shield like this is not only completely bubbles free, but is also easily removable for cleaning with zero risk of getting water on to the tablet.
Lets check that the case is not an obstacle for cable connections. Phone jack and dock connector are easily accessible, as well as the memory card slot. Other holes like camera, flash and onboard speaker grill are also well-cut and match the ones on the device itself. On the whole, I’m quite happy with the purchase.

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