Correct way to apply screen protector

Detailed instructions on sticking a film shield onto your tablet or smartphone screen.

Disclaimer: it is impossible to completely avoid bubbles and dust between the screen and the protector skin. However, we’ll try our best to minimize them.
Lock yourself in the bathroom and turn the hot water on. The rising steam will catch and pull down the dust particles that float in the air.
Now apply a little water with a drop of dishwashing liquid to wipe the screen. Then use a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen dry. Take your time: the better you perform at this task, the less dust particles will look at you from under the shield throughout the whole device life-cycle.
Now take the film a peel a little bit of the protective wrap, marked 1. Now apply the exposed adhesive side to the device screen. Use button, mic, camera and over holes as reference point to orient the shield.
While slowly peeling the rest of the wrap, use a plastic card on the film surface to get rid of all air bubbles. If you notice any dust or threads stuck to the adhesive side – do not remove them! You’ll only make things worse.
With the wrap completely removed, give the surface a final plastic card brush.
How slowly peel off the wrap marked 2.
You’re done.
There’s an alternative way to fix the screen protector without using adhesive:

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