iPad Silicone Back Cover

If you like to keep gadgets mint as long as possible, this silicone cover should help protect your New iPad.

Fits like a glove! The cover is exactly for the 3rd generation iPad dimensions.
It has a full cover for the Home button, and not a V-shaped cutout like many other skins have. The Home, power and volume buttons are also covered by the skin, which is great since they tend to collect grease.
The Dock connector cut out allows to connect the standard cable. However, you may have problems with thicker accessories.
Speaking of bulk, the cover adds up about 150 grams, making the iPad even more heavy than it already is.
So far, it’s a decent back cover.
The only issue might be the light chemical smell coming from the silicone. It will go away eventually, but if you want to speed up the process, bathe the cover in hot soapy water.

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