Your device might not be able to view or play this file

When a program thinks it is smarter than the user, it is always fucked up.

This is especially true about Apple offsprings, but Windows all the way since Win95 also likes to interfere when it is not supposed to. The reasoning behind this bullshit is probably like this: as any stupid cow now has a computer without any clue how to use it, the computer has to know how to use itself. For example. Most of you probably have at least one portable device, like a smartphone, a player or a tablet. Not long ago, when you connected it to your PC, it was recognised as a mass storage device, enabling you to copy music and movies to and from it like with an ordinary USB flash drive. Far Manager – my favourite – could also do that. However, this presented a problem: in this mode, computer took complete control over the external device internal memory, so it could not access it and thus worked in a very restricted functionality or did not work at all. To work around this problem, MTP protocol was conceived. Without going into deep detail, this protocol allows access to the device internal memory without losing any of the functionality while you do that. Windows detects such mode as a media device. However, Far can’t access it anymore, which in my case just drives me mad. Some say there is a MTP plugin for Total Commander. Well, we are not talking about that now. You probably noticed that every time you try to copy a song or a movie to you device, a Window pops up telling you that your device might not be able to view or play this file. And it pops up for every freaking last one of them. Well of course you can tick the do this for all files option, but it only sets up for a single copy operation, and the next time you copy you’ll have to tick it again. This is just fucking fantastic when you have to copy a large number of documents, movies, songs, and you start it and leave the computer. It is just fucking great to find out that copying stuck at some point with this stupid question popping up when you finally get back, and almost nothing was copied while you were away. I repeat, this is a Windows problem, not a particular device problem. So, how can we get rid of it? The first option is to turn off the DLL servicing media devices. Open Far Manager with admin rights. Well, or the command prompt with admin rights, and enter the following command: regsvr32 /u wpdshext.dll After the library is turned off, reboot the computer. Only to find out nothing changed – it still pops out this fucking question. So register the DLL back with another command: regsvr32 wpdshext.dll Another option is to turn off the shell extension responsible for this menu. To do it, first download SHellExView, run it, find Portable Device Menu item, right-click on it and disable it. Confirm and reboot. After reboot we finally find out that nothing changed still, the windows keeps popping up. No more ways to turn it off. This rises a question. If your take those ass-handed faggots – Microsoft employees – and hold their stupid Indian or Chinese or whoever they hire to safe costs at gunpoint only to ask what did they fucking mean by that warning – will they be ready to answer? What the fuck do they warn you about? Why the fuck they even care what my device might or might not be able to view or play? Why does the legal owner of their fucking product have to sit nights trying to turn off stupid warnings that should not be there in the first place. For instance, Ubuntu doesn’t pop up any warnings – it just copies the files without fucking your brains out. But I guess I’m too chicken to completely switch to Linux yet.

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