Prevent vavle leaks

Screw valves when used as main supply valve have an advantage over globe valves as the insides could be accessed for repairs.

Globe valves cannot be serviced or repaired and have to be completely removed and replaced in case of failure. On the other hand, serviceable parts are the main cause of screw valves leakage. As they say, the disadvantages grow from advantages. It gets even worse since normally you tend to hide the valves from view. I don’t think you inspect those valves daily, so they leak in their hide-out as long as they please or drown your neighbours downstairs. You can easily avoid that without installing costly aqua stop systems, which by the way, do not protect from main supply valve leaks. Take a 2 litre plastic bottle, cut the tip, punch a hole and hang one of those on each valve. This idea is very simple. If the valve starts to leak, the water falling into the empty bottle will produce considerable noise which you almost surely will notice during your next planned john sit-down session. Or unplanned, a common summer pastime. If you hear this alarm, call a plumber. On the other hand, the valve may start to leak when closed while you are away. With speed of 3-4 drops a minute, the remains of the bottle will fill in about 2-3 weeks, when you normally will be already back from vacation. And as we mentioned being away from john sessions for a long time, you normally find a stuck flush lever when you get back. Don’t use force to flush the toilet, as you may disrupt the subtle setup of the flush fittings. Instead, pull the lever up complete with the lid. After first flush, the button should work smoothly as before. But if you disrupted the setup, first try moving up the lowest disk that plugs the flush tank. With too much force applied, it may slide down and reduce the flush lever travel, making a proper flush impossible. So just pull it upward the tube it sits on.

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