Your challenge doesn’t exist or has expired

Your challenge doesn’t exist or has expired. Please go back and try again

you try to launch Call of Duty Warzone only to stumble at the roadblock account verification required that is probably related to the recent Modern Warfare 2 Beta where you had to verify your phone number in order to connect to the game probably now you also have to do that with Warzone anyway it posts you a link and it gives you an option to open that in your default browser as soon as you close the game however I don’t have a default browser set up so that’s why I actually had to type this link with a very strange hashed code in the end of it to open it in browser however as soon as I pressed enter I got an error your challenge doesn’t exist or has expired please go back and try again I made sure that the time zone and the time itself is correctly set on my computer however the link didn’t work then I launched warzone on again only to be greeted with the same message but this time the hashed code in the end of the link was different so these codes seem to be time sensitive and what I finally did is alt tab from the game without closing it then enter the code to the address bar in my browser it won’t work until you close the game so alt tab back to the game close Warzone then press enter and this time it will ask for a code which was sent to the mobile number that you have on your Battlenet account after receiving a text message with a code enter it in the form press continue and now your account is fully verified and you can finally play Warzone and probably other Activision titles that require you to do that

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