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Youtube has fucked up the comments.

See, no reply button. Only a couple days ago there was a button, but trying to use it returned “You are not allowed to comment on this post”. So somebody did not allow me to comment on my own YouTube channel. Fucking unbelievable. What’s your problem, Youtube? Well it turns out, there may be two problems. The first one – the comment poster is an asshole, and specifically disabled commenting on his or her posts. This is the ultimate douche bag, so cock sure about himself, thinking his words are ultimate wisdom, not to be doubted. It is especially nice to get questions posted like this, with disabled reply button. And later on, receive a ton of shit from the poster, like why the fuck you don’t reply to my questions! Another problem is the poster didn’t add me to his Google+ circles. Even though I did add him, I still can’t post on his wall. This is because in his Google+ setting “Who can comment on your public posts” he chose something else instead of Anyone. This is another type of douchbaggery. If you are so unsocial and don’t want to hear from anyone, why did you join a social network in the first place? But what should you do if you still want to reply to such comments, as leaving them unreplied is not an option? Well, you may use the mention feature. Just begin your comment with @ symbol and start typing the first letter of the recipient’s name. Select the correct name from the list, and continue to type your reply as normal. When you post it, the person you mentioned will get notified and most probably will read your comment. You may also mention several people. Unfortunately, the tree structure will be lost in this case, but still, it’s better than nothing. So if you posted a question in the comments section and want to get an answer, do not forger to add me to your circles. Links to my social pages are at the lop of my channel homepage, Facebook included. By the way, I try to make my videos both interesting and funny, so if you enjoy them, do not forget to like, subscribe and share the videos with you friends. Let them laugh too! And if you been browsing forums seeking for an answer for hours, and finally found what you wanted on my channel, please, post the link to the video that helped you on that forums. This way, not only I will help you, but you will also help other people with similar problems who stumbled upon those sites. Sharing is caring.

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