Add money GTA 5

The bad side of console games is jerking off.

All those trophies and achievements make you jerk the same game moment over and over and over again, polishing an over wise useless perk. Unfortunately, this is also true about the best game ever – GTA. However, GTA is done so ingeniously great, that you want to suck in every last drop of it and see whatever the genius developers have to offer. But to ride all the rides and get all the property in GTA 5, you have to earn game money. Which is not bad, but the prices are so ridiculously high, that you have to jerk off the same game moments over, and over, and over again to accumulate millions in cash. Or invest wisely during assassination missions, but that requires PSN connectivity as most of the mission-related stock is listed on the in-game stock exchange, that gets price quotes from Rockstar servers. So what you gonna do? Enter a cheat code? Well I don’t really feel like it, as this will affect game stats. Fortunately, the PS3 version has a save game editor, which can add money to each of the characters account. It works on CFW, and may also work on OFW. First, plug a flash drive into your PS3 and copy a GTA savegame using the Saved Data Utility PS3 by selecting the correct savefile and pressing triangle on it. You’ll end up with a copy of your savegame on the thumb drive. Just in case, make a backup copy of this folder. The savegames are encrypted, so first you have to decrypt them. For this, download and install BruteForceSaveData utility. I won’t post any links here, so Google it. Alternatively, click the link to my site in the video description, and look for utility names in the text and click them – and I will google it for you. Install and launch BFSD. If it asks for a missing visual basic library, just download the dll and put it into the BFSD folder next to executable. Now launch the program and skip the update prompt. The utility will ask to create a new profile, agree to that and point to the folder where your savegame is stored. After this you may enter a user-friendly name for this new profile. You may enter anything, like “my profile”, it doesn’t really affect anything. No in the top line select the path to your savedata. It is exactly the same path where the savegame from the console is stored. It’s done. In the list down below you should see your savegame. To decrypt it, press Decrypt. The savegame is now decrypted. Now completely quit BFSD, agreeing to anything it says, and run another utility – GTA V Save Editor. Use it to open your now decrypted savegame. If you try to open an encrypted file, the program will crash. As well as another editor – Red-Eyex32 GTA V Save Editor, which specifically mentions it doesn’t need BFSD to run. Well, it does. The editor is pretty straightforward. As we are here for money, just tick MAX checkbox next to each of the characters. This will top their accounts up to 2 billion and 147 million game dollars. Save the file. An important notice – if you try to overwrite the file, the editor will crash. So go up a folder, and save the file there under some name. Close the editor, rename the file to rage.sav and replace the original rage.sav in the decrypted savegame with the edited one. Now launch BFSD again and select the savegame in the list down below. Click encrypt. Exit BFSD. If you done everything on your thumb drive, you need nothing more. If you placed the savegame somewhere else, copy it over to a USB drive observing the correct folder structure. Now plug it into your console and browse to the Saved Data Utility PS3. Here delete the original savegame file which is still on your PS3, and then copy over the edited one from the USB drive using the triangle menu. You may skip the delete step and just copy over the edited file from the thumb drive. Be ready to confirm file replacement. Launch the game and load the savegame as usual. As you can see, the character net worth is now over 2 billion.

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