Why WordPress doesn’t send out e-mails

WordPress uses PHP Sendmail for sending out messages by default. So if you’re having troubles with that, check out your hosting plan. 000webhost.com free hosting plan has sendmail enabled. To allow WordPress to send out e-mails, go to your webhost cpanel and create a mailbox called wordpress at the domain of your wordpress installation. I.e., if your domain name is example.com, the email should be [email protected] . Write down the password, you won’t need it in WordPress, however.
To check that e-mail is working, login to your WordPress installation at make sure your user has an email setup correctly. Then logout, enter username and hit Lost password. An message should arrive to the user’s e-mail address with instructions to change password. Don’t follow them if you have no plans to change password. We did it only to make sure e-mail is working.

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