Twitch OBS failed to connect fix

Failed to connect to server. The connection timed out. Make sure you’ve configured a valid streaming service and no firewall is blocking the connection.

you try to start a stream to Twitch in OBS and you get an error failed to connect failed to connect the server the connection named out make sure you have configured a valid streaming service and no firewall is broken the connection when you try to Google solutions for this problem you will mostly be advised to check your firewall settings in this case this is a Windows Firewall but the firewall rules are configured and moreover you were probably able to stream sometime in the past this error is something new since it’s twitch that you cannot stream to and in OBS you can connect the stream either through account by entering your Twitch login or manually by using a stream key so others will suggest that you check that your stream key is correct and they will also advise to change the stream server you are streaming to to a random one and then back to your default one and the most sophisticated gated solution you may find online is checking the advanced settings in RBS to make sure that OBS software is bended to the correct network interface in case you have many of them most modern computers will have a Wi-Fi and an Ethernet and if you are using VPN Services many of them will create their own virtual network adapters so you have to make sure the network adapter in the bind settings correspond to the actual network adapter you’re using to get to the internet all of these are very valid points and you really should try them to resolve this issue and I assume you have done all that and that didn’t help and that’s why you came to this video I found out another reason for this error and that is your IP may be banned by twitch you can still access to each website and watch other streams but you cannot stream yourself that doesn’t mean that you personally made something bad that led to Twitch decision to ban you in modern times IEP addresses are shared by hundreds if not thousands of users so it may be someone else or just a bot anyway twitch decided to ban your IP address for streaming at least for now I don’t know for how long Ben lasts but usually it will be at least a month you may try to stream through VPN however many VPN services are also banned by twitch and in general sending that much time sensitive data through VPN is usually a bad idea so what you have to do is regenerate your stream key using a VPN you will not be streaming through VPN you can still use your normal ISP connection but you will need a VPN to regenerate the stream key the easiest way to do that without even in installing any VPN and subscribing to any Services is to use Opera browser which has a built-in VPN which works in most countries so all you have to do is to open Opera browser enable VPN make sure that it is active then go to the stream settings in your Twitch profile on Twitch website which you open in Opera browser through this inbuilt VPN and then click reset next to primary stream key make sure to copy your new stream key paste it into OBS save everything and start to stream you should be able to connect just fine now and once again streaming will not require a VPN we only needed VPN to generate a new primary stream key

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